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Dennis Ritchie legacy

I was saddened to learn Thursday of Dennis Ritchie’s passing this past weekend.

Thanks Troops Foundation

Colorado Springs is a military-heavy town, so stories like this are more obvious than in other places around the nation. This video seems to work only in Internet Explorer 🙁 I tried Chrome and Firefox and do not have Safari. The story involves the Thanks Troops Foundation, a Springs-based organization that helps disabled veterans get read more »

Monday News

Happy Monday, all. I took advantage of the break in the rain by busting out the (unfendered) road bike for a faster ride to work. Hopefully I’ll beat the rain before it rolls in this evening. I saw a fabulous sight this morning in Menlo Park. No, it wasn’t the mini-skirted Derailleur girl Janel pictured read more »

Cyclelicious Tops for 2008

Everybody else is doing it, so I might as well also. I’m strictly a numbers guy, so by the numbers… 2008 Top Content These pages had the most visitors in 2008. 5. Bicycles for heavy people.4. Bicyclist taxonomy.3. Bike commuter tax benefits.2. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.1. Kirsten Gum Not Nude. Top read more »

Eurobike and web tech

The big European bicycle show — Eurobike — starts Thursday in Friederichshafen, Germany. If you have the software installed for your web browser, you’re viewing below a multimedia presentation from Oamos of random images, text, and sounds related to a search for “Eurobike.” It’s kind of entertaining. Via Velorution. Oamos While Giant Bicycles of Taiwan read more »