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Unusual bike racks

Lady Fleur reviews an old and interesting bike rack that she calls the Jaws of Death Torture Rack. It’s a design that dates from the 70s, and creator of this rack apparently invited thieves to test their design with a contest. The design is such that a simple padlock is protected from cutting and grinding read more »

Blogger fantasy bike shops

What kind of bike shops run by bike bloggers would you visit? Gene Bisbee of “Biking Bis” carries nothing but good ol’ sturdy steel frame touring bicycles: Surly Long-Haul Truckers, Trek 520s, Koga Miyata and the less expensive Co-Motion bikes. He has an expert wheelbuilder on hand using Phil Wood hubs, Wheelsmith spokes and Mavic read more »

Midwestern cyclists visit the big city

Happy Friday. I hope you enjoyed this morning’s ride. This “CAUTION: CYCLISTS AHEAD” sign piqued my interest this morning, so I camped out for a few minutes to see what would happen. It’s located just around the corner from the major transit terminal near downtown San Jose’, California. There are always “cyclists ahead” at this read more »

Something for Santa Cruz Railfans

The North American Railcar Operators Association plans an excursion the weekend of May 4 and 5 on the the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Railway. Railroad motorcars are those short, specialized track inspection vehicles like the vehicle shown below. Railroads have since replaced them with hybrid road-rail vehicles for this kind of work — those read more »

Bicycle blog bicycle news

BRaIN gives a nice overview of “yellow bike” rental schemes (historical, proposed and real) in Paris, Chicago; San Francisco; New York; Washington, DC; Portland, OR; and even Lexington, Kentucky. The Bike Sharing Blog covers this trend in detail. Thunderhead Alliance released their first benchmarking report detailing the level of bicycling and walking in the United read more »