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The Ultimate Irony

This is not intended to spark a debate on helmet laws, but it is worth posting for the comments alone. Admittedly, no one can estimate for sure if a helmet would have saved this life, but it makes me wonder ‘what if’ every time I read one of these stories.

Give Me Three at the Sea Otter Classic

I love to visit the Sea Otter Festival, a huge, four day bike show at Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, California. I also love to rant about the mountain bikers driving their bikes up the road who fail to give roadies like me any room as they whiz pass. The environment this year, however, was read more »

San Jose moving forward with sidewalk riding ban

After cars killed 21 pedestrians in the city of San Jose last year, the San Jose Department of Transportation, under the direction of D3 council member Sam Liccardo, is moving forward with a plan to address the real issue: those doggone sidewalk cyclists.

Parking sign blocks sidewalk

This sign always appears on the sidewalk on Julian Street near the Guadalupe River trailhead when there’s an event at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. Does anybody know who’s responsible for putting this here? Do they realize the irony of pointing to accessible parking as they make this sidewalk inaccessible to those using read more »

Midweek carnage

This morning, we receive news from Palo Alto, CA of a mother who was seriously injured after she was hit by a juvenile driving a car in a residential neighborhood. Elsewhere today: Sedan into the back of a big rig on I-5 near Orland, CA results in driver fatality. Tuesday: Very confusing set of dispatches read more »

The myth of the 1894 horse manure crisis

You’ve probably heard the story of how cars saved cities from the problem of crushing piles of horse manure. The usual telling rings true to modern ears: 19th century cities depended absolutely on horses for the transport of people and goods, so much so that great stinking mounds of manure polluted streets and our air. read more »