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It’s all about PERFORMANCE

HILARIOUS hipster fixie versus road cyclist rap video. Props to Anna @ Wend. P.S. Don’t forget to enter the t-shirt giveaway.

Euro weather is rainy weather, and a casting call

Bike Snob NYC is coming to San Francisco which film making comic genius Robin Moore (“It’s All About Performance”, “Get Dirty”, “Le Velo”) has selected as his American stand-in for the Netherlands. The video is a trailer for his third book, A Bike Snob Abroad: Strange Customs, Incredible Fiets, and the Quest for Cycling Paradise, read more »

Don’t ask if it’s a hard job

I hear the voice of experience in this Craigslist posting for a bicycle rickshaw job in Denver, Colorado: “Please don’t email me to ask if this is a difficult job. I will reiterate– you are lugging hundreds of pounds of human being around a city in the back of your giant adult tricycle. Also, please read more »

Quirky Moneyball Bicycle

A little over five years ago, Ben Kaufman won “Best of Show” at MacWorld for his mophie iPod case. He didn’t have an encore product for 2007, so he invited any and all to submit their ideas and introduced an iPod case with a built in bottle opener.

Bib Review: Performance Ultra II

THE HISTORY When I got back on the bike in 2004 (health issues, another post, another time), it became necessary to do it in a way that would not take too much of a toll on my not-20something-anymore body. Clipless pedals/shoes, a bike that was not on the verge of falling apart, and something that read more »

Get Dirty: It’s the name of the game!

Robin Moore — the Portland OR film maker who lampooned road and fixed gear cyclists with his brilliant “All About Performance” music video — has created a new “MC Spandex” parody video. This time, he targets mountain bikers with “Get Dirty.” Enjoy this video by the “Dirty Crunk Freeride Thuggs.”