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I’m the weirdo with the camera

An animated Lego mountain bike adventure, in case you missed this over the weekend. It’s pretty funny because it pokes fun at people like me who shoot photos of people like you. I don’t usually shoot photos of people catching big air on their bikes, but when I do they turn out like this.

This post is a secret message

Steganography is the practice of hiding a secret message inside of another message or media such that it’s presence is not obvious to the casual observer, hiding it in plain sight, as it were. The trick of extracting a message by pulling the third word of every paragraph in a letter is a form of read more »

Credit where it’s due

This amazing bit of bicycle Strava art has been making the rounds on various social media all day.

Levi’s stadium community meeting

Levi’s Stadium, the Santa Clara Police Department and VTA will hold a community meeting next Tuesday. To promote a comment

Which frame / compact pump?

Question for you all: my current pump was bought two bikes ago and doesn’t fit my current bike. It’s Topeak’s rock solid clone of the classic Zefal HPX frame pump. These days, it’s strapped to the downtube but looks horrible and is inconvenient to unstrap for use. I’m frankly done with CO2 cartridges. I haven’t read more »

Women Race Bikes

Sarai Snyder’s Women Race Bikes launched last week; I learned about it on Friday, waited until Monday morning to continue spreading the word about this in case you missed it. Everything You Need to Know About “Women Race Bikes” from D2photography on Vimeo. It’s time for this and I put in a few dollars to read more »