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Jacket turn signal

This is Leah Buechley. She’s a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she “explores the intersection of computational and physical media, focusing on computational textiles or electronic textiles … soft, flexible, fabric-based computers.” In this photo, she demonstrates the use of a commercially available LilyPad Arduino system to read more »

Lumenous bike jacket with built-in turn signals, brake lights

This teaser video quickly highlights the features of the new products from Lumenous, which promise to enhance night-time visibility with wearable technology without making you look like a complete dork. The commuter jacket communicates with your phone via Bluetooth LE, so it knows when you’re slowing or approaching turns. The Kickstarter for this project has read more »

Cyclist jacket with brake light and turn signals

Raise your arm before a turn, and a tilt switch activates big amber LEDs to signal your turn at night. An accelerometer detects when you slow down to illuminate a big patch of red LEDs on your back. This clever cyclist jacket is the invention of Michael Chen in London, who won a design competition read more »

LED Headlights for your bicycle

NOTE: Watch for a contest this next week. The prize will be one of these leather toe clip sewing kits from “Swamp” in Tokyo. Jim G writes about his next LED bike light project. There’s a ton of LED lighting technology available now and Jim writes his thoughts on what he’ll with some of the read more »

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 & Bikes, a roundup

Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) help airplane pilots avoid mid-air collisions. Is this the future of cycling?

Daily Jumble: I’m going to buy a bike!

The Daily Jumble is that illustrated word puzzle I’ve seen since forever in newspapers, usually in the comics section. Today’s theme is the price of gas. Click here to do the puzzle. Do remember that jacket with the built in turn signals? Leah posted a detailed How To over at Instructables. I have one of read more »