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Graphic Designer jobs in the bicycle industry, and more

  Greetings Cycleicious community! My name is Michael Edelstone and I’ll be posting occasionally about the interesting bicycle industry jobs I’ve discovered. Like Richard I’ll probably omit standard retail gigs or pedicabbing jobs unless they’re real flashy. A little bit about me: I’ve been working in the bicycle industry since 2005. These days you’ll find read more »

Bicycle advocacy jobs and more

  Hi everyone! Funding for bicycle advocacy and infrastructure on the local level must be doing alright because a bunch of jobs just became available in the past few weeks. See below for details – and remember to connect with me on LinkedIn or stop by my local bike shop to say hello. Advocacy Jobs: If you’ve got read more »

The week’s most interesting bicycle jobs

  Good news folks: there were a lot of bicycle gigs advertised this week. Before I get into my favorites I’d like to give you some quick information on how I find these jobs. My main source is a simple RSS feed (I use Google Reader) of job listings from about 75 cities on Craigslist. This read more »

Bicycle jobs

Happy Labor Day minus 6. Ah, here we go: reliable transportation means you must own a car. It sounds like he’s had some bad experience in this regard, but he’s kind of asking for the moon as well. Jobs where bikes are wanted listed below the photo of my bald head perched atop a tallbike read more »

Jobs at CLIF Bar

CLIF Bar recently gave each of their employees a new bike from PUBLIC Bikes for CLIF’s 20th Anniversary. In addition to the occasional free gifts like this, CLIF offers onsite childcare, significant commuter incentives such as cash for the purchase of a bike, and a sabbatical program. They’ll even pay your entry fees for athletic read more »

Bicycle industry careers

Jobs in the bicycle industry and a few other related job listings for July 10, 2012. Good hunting.