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Jon Winston of Bikescape

More bike blogging people: Say hello to Jon Winston of the Bikescape Cycling Podcast. Jon lives in San Francisco and mostly covers urban issues, transportation and how they relate to cycling. You can see him carrying portable recording equipment to record his podcasts on the fly. Go find some good stuff at his blog.

Bikescape Podcast

Jon Winston finally uploaded his Sacramento Bike Blogger Meetup podcast, featuring some cool music, Paul Dorn and David Bernstein. I don’t sound too much like an idiot. For the record: Neither Paul or I drink. That is all.

WSJ: Mainstream cycling

The Wall Street Journal prints a column about how normal bikes are in New York City.

Portland depaving

Jonathan Winston of San Francisco is at the Toward Car Free Cities conference in Portland, Oregon. His latest podcast on Bikescape is on the depaving of parking lot that took place to open the conference. The 3000 square foot parking lot will be converted to a community garden, some bike parking space, and a water read more »