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Kayak to work

Paddling a boat another form of human power transportation. I’ve thought about doing this, commuting to work by kayak, that is. I work right on San Francisco Bay, but kayaking is a slow way to go. The BBC article calls it a canoe, but the watercraft pictured is actually a kayak though this might be read more »

Waterproof cycling socks

I’ve mentioned SealSkinz waterproof socks a couple of times on these pages. They’re thin socks with a waterproof, breathable lining and are a favorite among kayakers and winter cyclists. I recently discovered similar socks branded “Dexshell” from a Chinese company. I’m still reviewing them but I’m already impressed.

Going the distance, going for speed

Happy Day before Independence Day. You know how the pros swerve all over the road as they approach the finish line to block their opponents? This move frustrates commuters on the trail, too. Bicycle News

A different kind of commuter challenge

I love this challenge from Lady Fluer: The “Take the Anything Goes Commute Challenge.” What about you? How many commute options have you tried? Two, perhaps three? Have you tried everything? Maybe you should take the Anything Goes Commute Challenge with me. I’d love to hear all about your varied commutes. I know some of read more »

DIY Windproof bike pogies

Failblog’s “There I Fixed It provides inspiration for cheap, DIY bike pogies for cold weather riding.

Bikes Belong Awards $44,200 in Grants for Recreation Projects

Bikes Belong is celebrating the joy of cycling and trailbuilding this spring by awarding six recreation-focused grants to grassroots groups across the country. The projects—all made possible by dedicated volunteers—include a riverfront path, a freeride trail, a BMX freestyle park, and some really sweet backcountry singletrack. From all of us at Bikes Belong, enjoy the read more »