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Kids Bike In a Box

This is interesting: Online bicycle retailer Performance Bicycle announced “Kids Bike In a Box” along with a “Kids Bike Growth Guarantee” in what looks to me like shot at grabbing some of huge share of the kids bike market that mass retailers like Wal-Mart own. The Bike In A Box program is just that — read more »

Virtue Bike: A truck, a bus and a box for 2014

William Mulyadi began Virtue Bike in San Diego, CA as a distributor of “lifestyle” bike accessories and a handful of inexpensive steel bicycles while he earned his MBA at UC San Diego. Their flagship Virtue One — a coaster brake singlespeed chromoly diamond frame with detailing like a riveted leather saddle — remains a popular read more »

Bike in a Box

When Performance Bikes announced their “Kids Bike In A Box” promotion last year, I thought it was a great idea. I still do.

Free range kids

Happy Friday! I’ve been too cranky lately so I was planning to post something happy and non-controversial this morning, but then I saw this: a mother in New York City lets her 9 year old child ride the subway. Alone! I met a guy at a party last week who makes his daughter phone home read more »


Crazy busy at work but still lots of bike stuff to talk about. Here’s what going on.

Monday Coda

Yesterday morning, while one of my friends tried to tell me that cell phone use doesn’t cause distracted driving, divers fished the body of an Antioch woman out of the water after she drove her Ford Expedition into the Sacramento River. She was on the phone with her daughter when she drove her vehicle onto read more »