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Knee high bike socks

I saw these marvelous knee high bike socks in Sacramento and it was love at first sight… The always fashionable sock lover Meligrosa let me know these knee high bike socks came from Sock It To Me Socks in Portland, Oregon (where else?). These knee high bike socks are also available in black/white and black/pink.

UCI: lawyer lips and knee socks

The organization which regulates most international sports competition in cycling has banned or limited a number of common practices now used in bicycle road races.

Donkey Boxx

In the 90s, Mark Kohr of Berkeley California directed music videos for Cake (Going the Distance) and Green Day (Longview, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Good Riddance, Hitchin’ a Ride, etc). Today, he posts YouTube videos of customer testimonials for his amazingly practical Donkey Boxx bicycle boxes.