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LED Headlights for your bicycle

NOTE: Watch for a contest this next week. The prize will be one of these leather toe clip sewing kits from “Swamp” in Tokyo. Jim G writes about his next LED bike light project. There’s a ton of LED lighting technology available now and Jim writes his thoughts on what he’ll with some of the read more »

Pedestrian killed by cyclist in San Jose, and more bike news

Mercury News journalist Mike Rosenberg tweeted out this letter sent to City Hall the other day regarding pedestrian safety and dangerous sidewalk cyclists in downtown San Jose. Letter San Jose City Hall received: Guy worried about being sent to his crypt; "meanwhile enjoy" — Mike Rosenberg (@RosenbergMerc) March 25, 2014


If you regularly commute by bike, you’ve likely figured out by now that you might need lights, especially for your evening commutes. I’ve had a couple of my meat-world friends ask for my specific recommendations, so here they are.

2,400 free lights

Happy Monday. You might have noticed it gets darker earlier now for some reason. If you’re out biking in the dark, I hope you have lights.

Shorter days, Brighter lights

If you looked at bright Harvest Moon last night, you might have noticed a brilliant star closer to the horizon. This is the planet Jupiter, which is at its closest and brightest in decades. Besides the moon, Jupiter is plainly visible at night for Northern Hemisphere viewers even in light polluted urban areas, and is read more »