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Lance Armstrong to appear on Oprah

Oprah Winfrey will speak exclusively with Lance Armstrong in his first no-holds-barred interview. Armstrong will address the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating, and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his storied cycling career. The special 90-minute Thursday night episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter will air Thursday, January 17(9:00 read more »

Lance Armstrong rides a bicycle

TMZ spots Lance riding a bike in Hawaii. File this under Celebrities?

Hincapie: Lance doped

I really hesitate posting this news, but this is going to be huge all over the interwebs with or without my help: [George] Hincapie testified that he and [Lance] Armstrong supplied each other with the endurance-boosting substance EPO and discussed having used another banned substance, testosterone, to prepare for races, “60 Minutes” has learned. Through read more »

Contest: Lance Armstrong book

Update: Congratulations to Rica in New York. Several correct answers were posted, but Rica was the first and she gets the book. Comments are now closed. Watch for another contest tomorrow! First to correctly answer all three trivia questions as a comment to this post wins my copy of this book. Post a comment with read more »

Lance Armstrong book giveaway today

I’m giving away a slightly used copy of John Wilcockson’s Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion this afternoon California Pacific Time. The first person to correctly answer a set of trivia questions about Lance Armstrong after I post them gets the book, so stay sharp! Later this week I’ll have other bicycle book read more »

Lance Armstrong’s cycling team

Say what you will about the man, but Lance Armstrong energizes interest in cycling like nobody else, in the United States and around the world. Versus network broke even on their Tour de France coverage in 2008. For 2009, they say that viewership is up a solid 80% over last year. For Cyclelicious, traffic is read more »