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Lance Armstrong art bike

Artists Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf applied their contemporary art to a pair of Lance Armstrong’s Trek bikes. Fairey, whose “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” and “OBEY Giant” art remains popular with skaters, created the Barack Obama “HOPE” poster. Scharf is known for his work inspired by cartoons and popular culture. According to Armstrong, read more »

Unusual bike racks

Lady Fleur reviews an old and interesting bike rack that she calls the Jaws of Death Torture Rack. It’s a design that dates from the 70s, and creator of this rack apparently invited thieves to test their design with a contest. The design is such that a simple padlock is protected from cutting and grinding read more »

Time to ride your bike

This morning, Lance Armstrong this message to the 2.8 million people who follow him on Twitter: “Gas is nearly 4 bucks a gallon. Time to Ride Your Bike!!” Yes indeed.

Pro Cycling: Armstrong, doping

By now everybody’s seen Lance Armstrong’s retirement announcement.

10 bike stories of 2010

Here are my thoughts on some of the big bicycle stories of 2010.

Colorado bike news

There’s some big bicycle news coming out of Colorado. I’m thinking, of course, of Colorado Republican Dan Maes, who claims Denver’s push for bicycling is part of a sinister, one-world-government United Nations plot to take over the United States.