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Oakland Scraper Bike Portrait Gallery

California photographer Leo Docuyanan took portraits of the men and boys of Oakland’s Scraper Bike team. I’m a big shot Scrapin on my bike I don’t need a car Gas price too high Blue and yellow Orange with bling Scraper bikes is on the scene Yep yep We on the scene     View the read more »

Free transit parking for tech bus workers?

The Santa Cruz Transit District (“Santa Cruz Metro”) Board of Directors will discuss the issue of “tech” employee buses using Santa Cruz County transit facilities at their monthly meeting on Friday.

Bike to the Park, win a free bike

The Adventure Cycling Association announced their inaugural Bike Your Park Day for September 24, 2016, which coincides with National Public Lands Day, a fee-free day for U.S. National Parks.

San Jose Bike Share begins by October 2012

About a dozen people attended last night’s short meeting revealing plans for the San Jose Bike Share program that should be ready to go Real Soon Now.

Bicycle Jobs / Spring 2012

I see a couple of IT careers and a number of bike advocacy openings throughout the United States in this weeks bicycle job postings. There seem to be many more sales and mechanic “help wanted” postings than usual as bike shops ramp up for the Spring. I don’t normally post these kinds of Local Bike read more »

San Diego custom bike show THIS WEEKEND

Custom bikes and bike fashion show in San Diego April 8, 9, 10 2011.