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Larry and his folding bike

Larry and his wife ride their matching folding Dahon bicycles to get around their retirement community in Scotts Valley, California. This couple especially appreciate the low frame that enables them to mount their bikes without swinging a leg over a tall top tube. “My wife has an artificial hip,” Larry tells me, “and she can’t read more »

"Ladies" bikes?

Larry lives in a retirement community in my town. He had hip replacement surgery a while back and likes this old Dahon because he can step right into the frame without swinging a leg over a top tube. “And it doesn’t look like a girl’s bike,” he tells me.

Strida 5.0: Other voices

Rats, I missed fat boy’s baiku. I can only blame the busy holiday season for my oversight! Sorry. Now to the topic at hand: The Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. James the Designer finally posts his review of the Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. I really like his viewpoint from a real product designer’s point of view. read more »