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Let’s Get Visible

Momentum Magazine publisher Amy Walker channels Olivia Newton John as she exhorts a Bike Ninja to “Get Visible” with lights and reflectors in this cute and campy video for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition. Starring Amy and the B:C:Clettes. Ride with lights at night! See here for higher quality and for information on the lights read more »

California: Bill to require rear-facing flashing white lights for bikes

Newly minted Assembly Member Kansen Chu, who represents a big chunk of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, introduced a bill that would mandate rear-facing flashing white lights for bicycles operated at night. Yes, really. Alternatively, the cyclists may wear reflective gear in place of the light.

25 Compeletely Awesome Cycling Advocacy T-Shirts

Guest Post from Melody Stone in Sacramento. T-shirts are for making statements and as cyclists we’ve got a lot to say. So I set about collecting the coolest cycling activism t-shirts on the web. Some of these t-shirt designs are simple and with a subtle statement, but I feel they still loudly exclaim the benefits read more »