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California bicycle legislation update Spring 2014

It’s time for a California bicycle legislation update. There’s been some action on a handful of bills that might impact bicycling in California, and we’ve already seen a couple of gut-and-amend bills that added to the list of legislation I’m tracking.

Bicycles bills for 2014 California legislature

Today is the deadline to introduce bills in the California legislature. As of this morning, more 300 bills have been introduced in the Senate and more than 550 have been introduced in the Assembly. Here are some bills I’ll be tracking for the 2014 legislative session in California.

2012: The year in bicycle music

We all have our favorite bicycle songs, and 2012 has been an especially fruitful with at least eleven new songs that feature bikes in their music videos. I know of five that came from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bicycle Blog Link Love

Happy Hump Day. I hope you find this collection of stories useful. Every cycling advocate should read this –> The Travails of a Novice Bike Commuter. I helped a hopelessly lost first time bike commuter last night on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose. She’s the fifth person I’ve helped find her way over read more »

Alpine Road at I-280 bike lanes

San Mateo County is working to redesign highway interchange where a cyclist fatality took place last November.

Jarno Trulli rides a bicycle

Lotus F1 Formula One driver Jarno Trulli of Italy rides his bicycle in the pit lane of Interlago racetrack, as teams prepare for Sunday’s Brazilian GP F1 race at Interlagos racetrack in Sao Paulo. I don’t know Specialized’s tri bikes so somebody help me out with this — I’m guessing a Specialized Transition something-or-other? Update: read more »