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Lightest folding bike

Dahon introduced the lightest production folding bicycle at Eurobike 2007, the Mu XXV. 250 of these limited edition bikes will be built to commemorate Dahon’s 25th Anniversary in 2008. This 7.5 kg / 16.6 lb folding bike is built up with Shimano Dura Ace along with custom components designed just for Dahon from FSA, Shimano, read more »

Weight weenie

This is German cyclist Gunter Mai on a custom-everything seven pound bicycle. His clothes, shoes, hat, gloves and shades probably weigh more than his bike does. One of the more popular search phrases for Cyclelicious is lightest bicycle or “lightest bike.” James at Bicycle Design just posted about a new lightweight contender, a seven pound read more »

Ride the steepest hill in your town

I’m endeavoring to Ride Every Road in my small town and log the rides to Strava. Some of you asked why I would do that. Mostly because it’s a reasonable goal for me, but a side benefit is finding a road like Grace Way in Scotts Valley.

Hump Day

Happy Wednesday. Reminder: the next San Jose Bike Train rolls next Wednesday, April 16. More bike goodies below the photo of the kid having fun on his bicycle in Herat, Afghanistan.

Giro “New Road” cycling apparel

Technical cycling apparel for men follows the trend of more style and less sport. In their continuing move to diversify away from bicycle helmets, Giro recruited HomeRoom designer Alex Valdeman to develop their “New Road” line of apparel, which launches today through select retailers in North America, Germany and Switzerland. Valdeman’s designs blend Merino wool read more »

Hunter’s Reflex

I was reading Dr. Allen Lim’s fascinating article on the human body’s response to cold when I encountered the phrase “Hunter’s Reflex,” which is a response that some people have that enable people to have warm fingers and toes in spite of very cold weather. This caught my attention because I’ve noticed people have varying read more »