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Lightest folding bike

Dahon introduced the lightest production folding bicycle at Eurobike 2007, the Mu XXV. 250 of these limited edition bikes will be built to commemorate Dahon’s 25th Anniversary in 2008. This 7.5 kg / 16.6 lb folding bike is built up with Shimano Dura Ace along with custom components designed just for Dahon from FSA, Shimano, read more »

Strida 5.0: Other voices

Rats, I missed fat boy’s baiku. I can only blame the busy holiday season for my oversight! Sorry. Now to the topic at hand: The Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. James the Designer finally posts his review of the Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. I really like his viewpoint from a real product designer’s point of view. read more »