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Earth Day freebies

Happy Earth Day, all. I feel so appreciated. It appears Earth Day has become yet another way to sell more stuff. Huzzah. At the train station, Colleen from Clear Channel handed me a green “Commuter Appreciation Day” shopping bag stuffed with coupons and product samples. Subway, the Harlem Globetrotters, Vaseline, etc all let me know read more »

Silicon Valley Transpo Hackathon

VTA Hack My Ride 2.0 challenges you to transform how we get around in Silicon Valley. Build working apps and tools that will make it easier for people to plan trips, connect with their surroundings, and enrich their transportation experience. If you’re on the fence about this, check out these incentives.

Bicycle lights

Happy Friday, everybody! It seems like a lot of people are thinking of bike lights recently.

My perfect commuter bicycle

Consider the lowly beater bike. Over at Commute By Bike, Arleigh has started the Build Your Perfect Commuter Bike project. Various people have weighed in about frame style, frame material, brakes, gearing, chaincases, fenders, integrated lightning and so on. Ghost Rider comments that if you ask 100 people for their opinion on the perfect bike, read more »

LED Headlights for your bicycle

NOTE: Watch for a contest this next week. The prize will be one of these leather toe clip sewing kits from “Swamp” in Tokyo. Jim G writes about his next LED bike light project. There’s a ton of LED lighting technology available now and Jim writes his thoughts on what he’ll with some of the read more »