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Crazy bike signs in Los Altos Hills

Caution: Superman on bike ahead

Los Altos Hills "No Bikes" update

Town to remove bike prohibition from El Monte Road Two weeks ago, the Los Altos Hills city council directed Public Works Director Richard Chiu to paint “No Bikes” stenciling on El Monte Road, a popular road cycling route. In California, local authorities are prohibited from banning cyclists from local roads such as El Monte Road. read more »

Santa Clara County bike plan update

Silicon Valley Cyclist: You can be involved in bicycle advocacy! The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Agency (VTA) in California will begin updating their County Bicycle Plan this month at the BPAC meeting scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, June 10, 2015. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee encourages the public to attend next Wednesday’s workshop read more »

Santa Clara County BPACs

If your New Year resolutions included a greater commitment to civic engagement, find out when and where your local bike advisory committees meet. If your town or county doesn’t have a BPAC, find something applicable like a traffic committee or even the planning commission. Start showing up to your city council meetings. Make some noise. read more »

SF Peninsula: $40 to bike to work

The San Mateo County (California) Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance will give you a $40 gift certificate from a local bike shop or $40 credit toward Peninsula transit (BART, Caltrain, or SamTrans) if you take transit or bike to work at least eight times by June 1 and complete a survey afterwards. You also have read more »

Memorial ride for fallen cyclists

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Team Roaring Mouse Cycles and Third Pillar Racing Team are holding a joint memorial ride this Saturday March 15th, to honor the lives of Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson. Friends, family, fellow cyclists and all those whose lives have been touched by Matt and Kristy are invited to the ride, read more »