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Lucas Brunelle compilation

Lucas Brunelle is the guy who started the crazy urban fixed gear bike videos when he posted “Drag Race NYC” to his personal website in 2003, two years before YouTube came online. Since then, Brunelle has filmed 150 alleycat races and other bike events around the world with his trademark dual helmet cameras.

Lucas Brunelle in Sweden

I’m a fan of Lucas Brunelle’s alleycat cycling videos. Here he is in Stockholm, Sweden. I found this at Pierre Requiroule’s blog, where he writes: “Complètement malade et ça ressemble à une compilation de ce qu’on peut faire de pire à vélo.” That’s French for “These guys are freakin’ maniacs on bikes!” Those Swedes sure read more »

You give bikes a bad name

You know all of those helmet-cam POV videos set to heavy-metal soundtracks showing crazy daredevils on bikes? Lucas Brunelle invented that genre, and with his “Light Of Sight” video he shows us he’s still the master of his craft.


The Bicycle Film Festival comes to San Francisco tonight and continues through the weekend.

Biking on ice

Lucas Brunelle and his buddies shows us how it’s done on the Charles River in Boston back in 2004.

Bikes, action, camera!

We’ve all seen the bike point of view videos from Lucas Brunelle, Macaframa, MASH SF and others. David Goodman writes a short history of bike messenger videos from David Leopold’s appearance on Letterman to big screen films, TV pilots, and the ubiquitous Internet shorts in The New York Times City Room blog: “Cycling on Camera, read more »