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MIT Copenhagen Wheel

Regenerative braking bicycle hub created by MIT people and introduced today in Copenhagen during the climate conference. Gee whiz factor: Bluetooth to connect to iPhone app for speed, direction and trip distance. More: MIT: Copenhagen Wheel.

Hump Day Communique

Rick and I will announce 1st/2nd/3rd place winners soon for the alleycat, which continues until next Monday morning for those who bravely continue to slog along.

Mayors on bicycles

Happy Hump Day. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fell off of his bike and broke his elbow after a cab driver pulled out abruptly in front of His Honor the other week. The Mayor is now calling for a city Bike Summit to improve the city’s bike safety record. In other news, Vancouver BC Mayor read more »

Friday morning week in review

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you had a good week. Look below for UCI World’s track photos, fixed gear bikes from Walmart and other weird bike news, bike vents, and cycling tragedy (again).