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Make Money Fast

Three steps to easy money! 1. Steal a bicycle. 2. Post to Craigslist that you saw an obviously hot bike and bought it so it can be reunited with its rightful owner, like this: We recovered your stolen Miyata! – $50 (mission district) My roommate bought this Miyata for $50. The bike is very obviously read more »

Receiving stolen property

A guy buys a bike from the street at 16th AND Valencia, he’s amazed at the great deal, posts it for sale to Craigslist, and then is surprised when the San Francisco police come and take the bike and throw him in jail. The police ignored what I was saying and said yah sure we read more »

Marin to SF bike commute in the Wall Street Journal

TJ Kelly and Frank Colson work for Sportgenic, a sports media startup in San Francisco. They both live in Mill Valley on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. They both added up the cost of their 14 mile commute and decided to start biking it in. One rainy morning earlier read more »

Vision Zero, Data driven enforcement, and Discrimination?

The Safe Routes Partnership moderated a Twitter chat this morning on the topic of equity and law enforcement in the context of active transportation. Among the good discussion starters, the Safe Routes Partnership asked: Q6. What types of policies or approaches are effective at ensuring that law enforcement doesn’t profile or discriminate? #MoveEquity — SafeRoutesNow read more »

A Level of Service “improvement” project for Scotts Valley, CA

I live in a small town of 12,000 people in the Santa Cruz Mountains which received funding to rework a major intersection in town. The final design misses several opportunities to improve the intersection for those traveling on foot and on bike.

Santa Clara County trail flooding status

Real time trail flooding info for selected trails in the cities of San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and Milpitas in Santa Clara County, California. Update: Thank you so much and please keep your flood reports coming. I have the Guadalupe River Trail pretty much nailed down. I’m currently seeking time and dates for flooding read more »