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Every editor’s favorite headline: MAN BITES DOG ht…

Every editor’s favorite headline: MAN BITES DOG… by @erickurhi

Man bites dog.

Dateline Santa Cruz, California. 1. Motorist and cyclist get into argument.2. Cyclist kicks car door.3. Motorist gets out of car and assaults cyclist, hitting him on the head with a broom handle.4. Cyclist, defending himself, pulls out a knife and stabs motorist.5. Cyclist rides away on his cruiser bike.6. Police on manhunt for the cyclist, read more »

A good example of a news story about biking to work

The first time I was interviewed for a “bike to work” story a little over a decade ago, I gave my story – I’ve biked to work since the 1980s, through all weather, and my rides to work are overwhelmingly pleasant and without incident. He asked about any accidents. With 20 years of biking, I’ve read more »