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Bikes make the world go ’round

Or is it love that makes the world go ’round?

Sea Otter 2012 or Bust

I’ll soon by one may way to the Sea Otter Bike Festival Volkswagen Sea Otter Classic Powered by SRAM in Monterey, California USA.

Reader’s Choice: Your top 10 stories of 2011

Last week, I told you about the bike related news that caught my eye in 2011. But what, dear reader, tickled your fancy over this past year? Take a look at the pages with the most views since January 1.

Top stories 2011

Here is my month-by-month recap of bicycle stories that have caught my eye and yours through 2011. I’ll post a few quick quizes later today here at Cyclelicious; first to answer the questions correctly wins a free Kindle download of Keith Snyder’s new collection of bicycle short stories. Reading over this now after I post, read more »

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Bike route update

Quick update about my bike routing application: The cycle routing now works for Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. Bicycle routing also works for the handful of South Pacific island nations I’ve tried, such as Fiji.


Yesterday I posted a tutorial that describes how to add bike racks to OpenStreetMap, complete with screenshots. It turns out my directions are needlessly complex.