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Menlo Park to consider a kindler, gentler El Camino Real

The city of Menlo Park, California transportation department invites the public to attend a community workshop on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to discuss plans to make El Camino Real (ECR) a more accommodating transportation corridor for all road users.

Menlo Park considers cyclist anti-harassment ordinance

I usually pay attention to what’s happening in Menlo Park, CA, but this bit of news caught me by surprise: Menlo Park is eyeing an ordinance that aims to curb harassment of those considered vulnerable users of the road. If signed into law, the legislation would create recourse for victims of road rage, and other read more »

Menlo Park PD removes “accident” from traffic incident reports

Twitter activism results in policy change The Menlo Park, CA Police Department quietly changed their traffic incident reporting policy to refer to them as “collisions” or “incidents.” Historically, the police department has referred to such incidents as “accidents” in their external reports. Like many agencies around the United States, Menlo Park uses Nixle to notify read more »

Meeting Thursday for Menlo Park bike lanes

Lady Fleur looks at a Menlo Park bike lane where parking is also allowed near a private school on Laurel Street at Oak Grove. If Laurel Street in Menlo Park is 42 feet wide, how do you divide the roadway so everyone gets what they need? Or should some people‚Äôs needs get higher priority than read more »

Peninsula Bike Party Earth Ride FRIDAY NIGHT from Menlo Park

The San Francisco Peninsula Bike Party “Earth Ride” takes place this Friday (TOMORROW!).

Facebook goes crazy for bikes in Menlo Park

Facebook to invest in bike facilities to improve bicycle access to new Peninsula campus; challenges other employers to step up their game.