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Menlo Park Ringwood Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Highway 101 separates the largely lower income and minority Belle Haven neighborhood in East Menlo Park from the higher income Flood Triangle enclave. These neighborhoods are connected at Ringwood Avenue by a pedestrian / bicycle bridge. Caltrans wants to replace this pedestrian/cyclist bridge over Highway 101 in Menlo Park as part of a larger project read more »

Facebook goes crazy for bikes in Menlo Park

Facebook to invest in bike facilities to improve bicycle access to new Peninsula campus; challenges other employers to step up their game.

Highway 101 bike crossing project

Murph wants to document Highway 101 bike crossings across the San Francisco Peninsula from the City down to San Jose. As Murph notes, 101 is a large traffic sewer with homes, jobs and other commercial activity on either side. He has a comprehensive list, but I’ll just quickly post a couple of videos and photos read more »

Rear view of my commute

I’ve been having some fun with the GoPro Wide Angle Hero Cam. Steve Woo captured his spectacular Wente Criterium Crash over the weekend and was able to do a post-mortem of the crash with his front and rear mounted GoPro. My rear view of part of my commute isn’t nearly as exciting, but it occurs read more »

Bicycle news

For Earth Day, Jones Soda HQ in Seattle unplugged from the grid and is powering their office by bicycle. Details at Biking Bis. Karen tells me I look too young to have a teen son, so I owe her some link love. See also Karen’s Sea Otter race report. My friend the lovely Nan and read more »