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Messin’ around

This is local racer Mary Maroon riding her Bianchi Pista through San Jose a couple of years ago. She was working at Cupertino Bicycle then but I think she’s moved back to Sacramento since. I “cartoonized” the image using BeFunky.

California bicycle legislation update Spring 2014

It’s time for a California bicycle legislation update. There’s been some action on a handful of bills that might impact bicycling in California, and we’ve already seen a couple of gut-and-amend bills that added to the list of legislation I’m tracking.

Too short bicycle chain

The last time I replaced my chain I made it too short by about an inch. I don’t remember exactly why — I probably just forgot to add the extra inch in when I wrapped the chain around the big ring and the big cog because I was busy messing with a camera also. The read more »