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Miley Cyrus rides a bicycle

Photos of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ride cruiser bikes outside of her home in Toluca Lake, California on March 5, 2010. Confidential to Miley: Sweetheart, I’m glad you’re having a good time on that bike, but you look very cramped. You’ll be much more comfortable if you raise your saddle a few inches. Look read more »

Miley Cyrus rides a bicycle

The gossip blogs have all published photos of teen Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus riding her bike around. Like any normal 15 year old kid, she’s been seen riding her bike with her friends, with her family and sticking her tongue out at the camera. Riding Pretty writes: “The way I see it, when pop read more »

Heather Graham rode a bicycle

After a fashion, anyway. Heather Graham played Mercedes Lane, Corey Haim’s love interest in “License to Drive.”

Dating advice from fixed gear cyclists

The post started out kind of clever but then went downhill. Google for it if you’re interested. Orange brakeless fixie photo by me in Las Vegas… LA Times talks about Sport Utility Bikes. Ken Conley’s Interbike photography experience. Santa Clara County Trail Count news coverage. Suzue caps and shirts from Soma Fabrications. Pedal Powered Tank. read more »