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How would you spend $250M in bike funds over 30 years?

Santa Clara County Measure B Transportation Tax With the passage of Santa Clara County’s Measure B transportation sales tax last year, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will receive over $6 billion in revenue over the next thirty years beginning in June, 2017. Four percent of those funds, or an estimated $8 million per read more »

Exchanging toilets for bike space?

Caltrain – the commuter rail service between San Jose and San Francisco – continues to grapple with the crowding issues as ridership continues to grow, some bike advocates are talking about removing toilets from the train to make room for additional bikes.

The Fourth Power Rule

Discussion about fees and taxes for bicycles so that we cyclists “pay our fair share” often turn to mentions of the “Fourth Power Rule.” What is this mysterious Fourth Power Rule?

Mountain View California: 22% of capital budget for bicycle / pedestrian projects

The city of Mountain View, California approved an $18.6 million capital budget for fiscal 2014 that includes over $4 million in projects to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility during the city council meeting on June 18, 2013. This Silicon Valley city of 75,000 is home to several well-known high tech businesses such as Google, Intuit, read more »

Santa Cruz County wants your input on transportation projects

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission plans the transportation projects around the county and is responsible for divvying out the dollars for those projects. They want your opinions on projects they should prioritize for your part of the the County.

Ron Wengler’s $150 bicycle fee

This is making the rounds on various California mailing lists this morning: Ron Wengler of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council wants the city of Los Angeles to “reinstitute bicycle licensing fees” of “at least $150 per year to reflect their shared responsibility for the cost of maintaining the roads and their safe use.” Update: The read more »