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Modal Bias

Tom Vanderbilt talks about “Modal Bias,” which he describes as the phenomenon in which people who use one mode of travel don’t understand those using other modes. Cycle Dog has been writing a series of “Why do they do that?” articles for the online Examiner in which he tries to bridge the gap by explaining read more »

@painstudent Motorists routinely blow through red…

@painstudent Motorists routinely blow through red lights and flip off their fellow motorists too. It’s modal bias, pure & simple.

You’re a scofflaw, even when you’re not

You might have heard of “modal bias,” which is the belief we all have that “I (and people like me) are okay, but you’re a moron who’s always wrong.” From the bike advocacy world, we often call this the “windshield perspective” or “car headed thinking.” Zach in Washington DC encountered this modal bias writ large read more »

@stevevance Just the usual bike haters illustratin…

@stevevance Just the usual bike haters illustrating their understanding of modal bias. Chris Bucchere trial this week too. @erik_griswold

Santa Cruz County bicycle safety survey 2012

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) and the Community Traffic Safety Coalition of Santa Cruz County (CTSC) released the results of their 2012 bicycle traffic survey. Each May and June, HSA staffers and community volunteers count cyclists at various locations throughout Santa Cruz County and observe their behavior. For 2012, they counted 3,046 read more »

Where are these ‘legal’ drivers, anyway?

Happy Distracted Driving Awareness Month, everybody. Here’s an Internet trope that frequently pops up whenever bicycles are mentioned in the news. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.