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Bike the Vote: More California endorsements and voter guides

For those who haven’t mailed in your ballots, the California primary happens tomorrow, June 3, 2014. California Bicycle Coalition endorses Suja Lowenthal and Joe Krovoza. Lowenthal of Long Beach (and one-time daughter-in-law to U.S. Representative Alan Lowenthal and Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal, who currently represents the Assembly district Suja is running for) is campaigning by read more »

Who do comment trolls hate more than cyclists?

The answer: Lawyers.

No more Caltrain for me

The long awaited office move happens this week, so things are a little crazy as everybody here packs up and otherwise prepares for the 15 mile migration south from the Peninsula into Silicon Valley.

More saddle time

If you need more time in the saddle, there’s the “Pit In” bike-up desk.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

A Birmingham, Alabama resident complains about a pair of cyclists from Pittsburgh touring through his town.

More Eurobike photos and commentary

* The world’s largest bike show is done, and Specialized Bicycles marketing guy Chris Matthews posted his show summary to his blog, along with some lovely photos of the show (and they’e not all Specialized bike shots). * Bike Biz reports more vendors, more booth rentals, and more show visitors for the 2009 Eurobike show read more »