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Where do cyclists shop?

I was playing around with Strava’s Global Heat Map, which plots the entire Strava dataset onto a map to show where people ride. I zoomed into my town and discovered it’s easy to see where cyclists congregate.

Bus or bike to Devil’s Slide

San Mateo County Parks in California opened the brand new Devil’s Slide Trail to the public at 1 PM today. The trail was formerly a section of California State Route 1 and offers access to stunning views of the Pacific coast between the cities of Pacifica and Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. That read more »

Giant gambit to increase bike shop unit sales

Giant USA says they plan to lure new customers to bike shops by promoting entry-level bicycles under $500, according to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. Giant USA Executive Director of Sales JT Thompson says, “We have to do a better job of attracting new customers who want quality, well-built, IBD-serviced, lower-priced bikes.” IBD shops — read more »

David Cortese wants more dead pedestrians in San Jose

In a recent interview with local talk radio KLIV, San Jose Mayoral candidate David Cortese said the city needs to abandon its efforts to create a safer environment for all road users. He wants wider streets, more lanes, and faster traffic, because apparently 26 dead pedestrians and cyclists wasn’t enough for him in 2013. In read more »

Bike distribution on Santa Cruz council Tuesday agenda

The city of Santa Cruz, CA council will once again try to tackle the persistent problem of what to do with all of the abandoned bikes the city collects. (And yes, believe it or not, there’s actually controversy about this.)

Bike racing skills and tactics for American amateurs

I really wish I had something like this in the early 80s when I first got vaguely “serious” about cycling. This book is simple enough that even sports marketing majors can understand how to psych out their opponents in the rolling chess game we call a road race.