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Bicycles in the 2013 California Driver Handbook

I haven’t looked the California Driver Handbook since 2010. Since then, the DMV has added significant bicycle safety content. As in previous editions, several paragraphs are devoted to cyclist rights. The 2013 edition expands on this section by explaining sharrows and describing situations where cyclists might cycle down the middle of the lane. Perhaps more read more »

California Highway Patrol incident feed for bicycles

I’ve whipped up a script that takes the California Highway Patrol live traffic incident data feed from the 20 CHP dispatch centers around the state and filters for anything mentioning bikes or bicycles. You can see the results here. At the time I’m writing this post, there’s a single incident between Woodland and Davis, CA: read more »

Traffic lights and bicycles: The technical explanation

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed AB 1581 into law, which requires all new traffic actuated signals to detect bicycles and motorcycles after Caltrans adopts uniform standards, specifications and guidelines for these kinds of traffic signals. Traffic engineer Bob Shanteau is an avid cyclist and active cycling advocate. He will present this paper on “Detecting read more »

Riverview San Jose

I’m watching the Riverview / Brandon Park development go up on 1st Street @ River Oaks in San Jose, California. This month’s trail count showed over 1100 people accessing the Guadalupe River Trail at River Oaks over a six hour period, so I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering about this project.

Hump Day

Hello and Happy Hump Day.

Other Road Users

Bike Hub UK reports some interesting research from the UK Department of Transport on road sharing attitudes among British cyclists and those “Other Road Users” or ORUs. The ORUs — people who drive cars — largely believe almost all cyclists are scofflaws who cause accidents, congestion, pollution, stress, delay, tooth decay and other problems.