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Motoring helmet

This was apparently a real product in the 80s. Visit Copenhagenize for details and discussion.

Who dropped California Bicycle Coalition sponsorship?

On Monday, I received this note from the California Bicycle Coalition regarding the helmet discussion with the California legislature: The problem is that, as you may know, a mandatory helmet law for adults is controversial in California, especially within our own membership. We have lost quite a few donating members over this, including a few read more »

Modal Bias

Tom Vanderbilt talks about “Modal Bias,” which he describes as the phenomenon in which people who use one mode of travel don’t understand those using other modes. Cycle Dog has been writing a series of “Why do they do that?” articles for the online Examiner in which he tries to bridge the gap by explaining read more »

Free sunglasses

Hello sports fans. If you want some free shades, come back to Cyclelicious this next Tuesday for a chance to win some free sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse. St. Elsewhere… Should the city of San Jose host a Ciclovia? I filled out the survey and voted for Downtown as the best location. Santa Cruz transportation columnist read more »