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Mount Tamalpais mountain biking?

California State Parks has announced a proposal to open a singletrack trail for mountain biking in Marin County, on the shoulders of Mt. Tamalpais. The agency plans to allow bicycle use on the 4-mile Bill’s Trail segment, and is soliciting public comments on the project. The commentary period ends on 6-26. “I’m urging mountain bikers read more »

Through the marine layer

I began this morning’s commute in the classic “May Gray” when inland high temperatures 100 miles away creates a pressure gradient, which sucks the “marine layer” of fog into the California coast. Here’s the view over the top of this layer from Mount Tamalpais this morning.

Cultural Studies and the renagades of bike culture

UC Davis Cultural Studies Professor Sarah McCullough, PhD, discusses the renegades of bike culture in a couple of previous American bike booms.

San Francisco bicycle photo contest

Long time bike guy Gary Boulanger is writing Where to Bike San Francisco, a new bicycling resource guidebook to be published in late 2011, and he needs your photos. He’s even offering cash prizes of up to $300 for those willing to submit photos for publication in the book.

"Klunkerz" interviews on on 6/24/09

Audio Modern mountain biking was born on the trails of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County in the 1970s. We talk to some of the pioneers of the sport who are featured in a new documentary, “Klunkerz.”Host: Scott ShaferGuests:• Charlie Kelly, creator of the Repack races and founder of the first magazine devoted to mountain biking• read more »


Billy Savage lived in the hills of Marin County, often pushing his 20″ BMX bike up the fire roads in the same area where local legends Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Alan Bonds, Wende Cragg, and others created the sport of Mountain Biking. Stevie Wilde, one of the founders of Veloclub Tamalpais who helped read more »