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Santa Cruz traffic safety group moving to Vision Zero

The Santa Cruz County Community Traffic Safety Coalition (CTSC) recently voted to work towards a Vision Zero policy.

San Jose moving forward with sidewalk riding ban

After cars killed 21 pedestrians in the city of San Jose last year, the San Jose Department of Transportation, under the direction of D3 council member Sam Liccardo, is moving forward with a plan to address the real issue: those doggone sidewalk cyclists.

Patch your tube without removing the tire

Forget about Lance Armstrong’s tire repair expertise and the hundreds of spinoff videos. This “Patch N Ride” bicycle tire tube repair gizmo seems slicker yet cleaner than liquid tire sealants. The claim: You can repair flat bicycles tires (tubulars and clinchers, tubeless coming Real Soon Now) without removing the tire and tube from the wheel. read more »

Count the number of moving cars in my bike commute video

If it bleeds, it leads, which is why I suppose so many helmet-cam videos feature close calls and idiots on the road. To try to skew the ratio back towards reality, I’ve started posting boring videos showing my carefree bike rides. This video shows the entire part of my seven mile daily commute between downtown read more »

Mae Gordon’s Original Insane Moving Pedestal

From the U.S. Library of Congress. Original photo shot on December 9, 1907 by E.E. Mangold in South Bend, Indiana

SF Bay Area bike share moving forward

The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Bicyle Share Program may finally launch “next year.” Which is what they said last year. And the year before that as well. A planned “bike share” in San Francisco and various Peninsula cities have been in the works for “next year” since at least 2007. But this time read more »