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Weekend Poll: Stop or roll across the top of the T?

Every cyclist knows this situation: You’re biking in the road shoulder or a bike lane across the top of a “T” intersection and there’s a red light or stop sign. Do you stop or do you go?

Santa Cruz area CHP: “Share the Road”

The Aptos / Santa Cruz office of the California Highway Patrol issued this press release this week. BIKE WEEK 2010 CHP supports Bike Week 2010 with Share the Road enforcement May 10th through 16th is Santa Cruz Bike Week, and the California Highway Patrol is showing support with concentrated enforcement and education. Motorists and bicyclists read more »


On August 29, 2009, I had the following Letter to the Editor published in The Cape Breton Post: OK, enough is enough. Every day on my way home I encounter the same three cyclists on Kings Road, all riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Putting aside that riding this way carries seven to nine times read more »