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NY TImes Fashion & Style reviews bike lights

It’s an interesting section of the paper to put it in, but here it is. New York bike courier Hugo Giron reviews several battery bike lights. Of the lights he tried, Hugos favorites are the Blackburn Flea front and rear lights. These lights were the bee’s knees,” Mr. Giron said. “They were so small and read more »

Street fashion photographer Bill Cunnhingham rode a bicycle

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham passed last Saturday after he was hospitalized for a stroke. Embed from Getty Images Cunningham famously rode his bicycle all around New York for street photography and to his shooting gigs. He even has his own tag here at Cyclelicious. The Washington Post‘s nice obit mentions Cunningham’s dislike read more »

Countering Emily Litella’s NY bike share hatorade

Forget about Dorothy Rabinowitz. Sure, she’s a Pulitzer prize winner, but she has clearly lost her mind and is irrelevant. Even some of her fellow conservatives believe that Rabinowitz has lost it with her incomprehensible tirades on various topics. Watch and listen to what another well-loved New Yorker, Bill Cunningham, says about New York City’s read more »

Gwen Lutz in the New York Times

Gwen Lutz organizes the Pedal Savvy bike fashion show for SF Bike Expo. She and her show scored a mention in the New York Times. Yay Gwen! (Not Gwen – from the 2010 Pedal Savvy)

NYC Fashion Center bikes

Photographer Kathy Akey was at the Fashion Center bike unveiling this morning in New York City. I’m downloading her bike photos now — I’ll post them up as soon as possible for you. In the meantime, Bill Cunningham’s latest “On the Street” photo montage of street style focuses (once again) on people on bicycles. Bill read more »

Interbike 2009: Good times

The Interbike OutDoor Demo and International Bicycle Expo, held in Las Vegas Sept. 21-25, wrapped up a successful week of product demos, launches, business meetings and events while reflecting the upbeat outlook of the bicycle industry as a whole. “The buzz of business and enthusiasm on the Interbike show reflected a resilient marketplace place determined read more »