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National Bike Summit 2008 in the news

Summit fever is rising! The League of American Bicyclists reports that over 500 participants are now registered for the weekend, with company presidents, national press, strong local advocates—and an impressive array of speakers scheduled to appear. In addition to the festivities of the National Bike Summit—from the opening dinner with National Park Service Director Mary read more »

Bikes = Economic Catastrophe

Will the US DOT recent policy change giving equal weight for multiple transportation modes result in ‘economic catastrophe’? US Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood’s March 15 policy announcement favoring bicycle transportation received a lot of favorable press from bike wonks like you and I. The National Association of Manufacturers fears the impact this policy could have read more »

The candidates on transportation and jobs

I didn’t have a bike commute today because I’m working from home! I recorded a new episode of The Spokesmen early this morning with David and Donna. Watch for it soon. This is Erin of Swobo on the new Del Norte. Ferentz LaFargue on the Democratic candidates: As Green Consciousness continues erupting in this country read more »

Bicycle blogs

The weather has improved dramatically in my part of the world, so I’m riding more and writing less. Here’s some reading to catch up on: Treacle the owl rides on a bicycle handlebar Staffordshire, England. His keeper says, “I suppose the bike feels like he’s flying but without putting in the effort.” Here’s my wife read more »