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New Orleans by bike

Kate Drabinski in New Orleans has a delightful blog: What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today. She rides her bike around New Orleans, photographing the people, the scenery, and the activities of post-Katrina NOLA and posts them online.

Bike paths, personal safety and MAP-21

This is the time of year when we start to hear occasional reports of strong arm attacks against evening bike commuters on remote, isolated bike paths. Thugs with baseball bats and pipes loiter along the side of the path. When a lone target zips by, the bad guys swing their bat, knock the cyclist from read more »

Another journalist tries bike commuting

Yesterday, Toronto Star columnist Jack Lakey described his bike riding delights. Today, New Orleans columnist Alex Gecan’s car breaks down and he’s forced to ride a bike for a few days. Like Lakey, Gecan discovers the riding is better than he anticipated.

Bikes and NOLA

From the Associated Press — “New roads post-storm make New Orleans cycling city”: “A lot of my gripes have been resolved,” said [biking blogger Joseph] Donnelly, who started cycling in the 1970s and ditched his last car for good in 1989. “When I started the blog in 2006, there was not a single bicycle lane read more »

Monday bike roundup

Question: Do you know the origin of Panda Portraits? Momentum Magazine #48 is “The Photo Issue.” They mention “Panda Portraits” in passing. Who knows where the name “Panda Portraits” — those goofy on-bike self-portraits — comes from? No prize for this question: this one’s for fun.

Move Interbike to … somewhere else?

This article in Bike Europe about Interbike 2007 has some interesting tidbits about the show and the future of Interbike: Attendance: 22,515 unique badge-holders, of whom 11,054 were buyers. This is up from 21,682 and 10,378 respectively in 2006. 3,787 unique businesses (retailers) represented at the show, up from last year’s 3,239. Vegas sucks? On read more »