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Nipple Works

Nipple Works sells their Jersey Bag, a heavy duty plastic bag to keep your stuff dry and with a friction strip so it doesn’t bounce out of your jersey pocket. The Nipple Works bloggers blog mostly about bicycle gear stuff — clothing, wheels, women’s underwear, and cyclocross — with lots of stuff as seen in read more »

Prepare for flooding

Dust off your raingear, California cyclists: rain is likely this winter throughout most of California. Predictions have firmed up considerably for epic rain due to El NiƱo conditions beginning in December or January for Northern California.

Heck of the North?

It’s a little difficult to divine since the “Event Details” page doesn’t contain any actual event details, but the Heck of the North is apparently a bike race in Minnesota over gravel roads. It’s part of the “Almanzo Gravel Road Series, described as “taking place on some of the Upper Midwest’s finest backroads in some read more »

Crazy bike signs in Los Altos Hills

Caution: Superman on bike ahead

They’re groomed like precious poodles

A comment about fixed gear bikes — “They’re groomed like precious poodles.” Seth Godin: Winning on the uphill. Check out this grocery getter bike. Wow. It even folds. Via. Is Sunday Streets the next Critical Mass? It’s illegal to bike to school in James Kunstler’s hometown. Bike Hugger: Disc brake conversion. Tahoe Trail Building: “The read more »

iPhone bicycle apps

This is cool: WIRED lists five iPhone apps that replace bike hardware. I think the most clever is a Cyclocomputer that measures your bike’s speed by counting the sound of a plastic tab on the spokes. Another clever app is a brake light that uses the built in accelerometer. The creation of a carbon fiber read more »