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Norcal bicycle blogs that you read

On the survey, I asked what northern California bicycle blogs you visited. Personally, I think of NorCal is the region north of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, but in common usage the SF Bay Area and even the Monterey Bay area are included — I see a lot of Nor*Cal logos on trucks read more »

Hump Day Bicycle News

Huff: Facebook foils bicycle thief. Video: Inside look at the bike builder’s shop. Kos: Bike Ride A Day comment: When I was going into the 9th grade, I asked my Mom to get me excused from P.E. on account of my asthma. My asthma really wasn’t severe, but my adolescent angst was, and I just read more »

End of the week news roundup

Photo from SXSW by Bike Hugger:

Holiday deals

Remember, the Kickstand Cyclery Alleycat continues on this Pearl Harbor Day, and will keep going until next Monday morning! If you’re looking for the checkpoint go to the home page then look around there. It should be sort of obvious.

Tuesday bike news

I wasn’t able to make it to the Titus mountain bike demo last weekend in Santa Cruz. When I got hit by the car the other week, my eyeglasses were smashed to bits. I haven’t been able to find my backup specs, so I went up to San Francisco to visit Optical Underground. My buddy read more »