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Zakkalicious posts about Fear Mongering among some American cyclists. I think it was Bike Lane Hottie who wrote that cycling advocates continually gripe about how dangerous cycling is, and then wonder why nobody wants to ride a bike. Cycle Dog and I occasionally discuss this topic of ineffective advocacy over email. Enjoy the ride and read more »

Snow day reading

I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas for a while (before that monstrosity of an elevated freeway was constructed straight over downtown), and one distinct memory I have is that of a whole long line of police cars responding to an accident on the north side of town during an unusually wintry day. I watched from read more »

I read the news today…

Happy Friday, all. For most U.S. residents, don’t forget you lose an hour of sleep this weekend. Beyond that, there’s honestly more bike news than I can keep up with, but here are a few quick items of note below the photo of traffic on California State Route 17.

BMC Stromer electric bicycle now available in USA

Click through below and fill out the entry form for a chance to win the new-to-the-USA BMC Stromer ST1 Elite, an electric assist bicycle with a 500 watt rear-hub brushless motor, battery integrated into the frame, 9 speed Shimano Sora, rigid carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes with regenerative braking.

Volagi Viaje steel bike: Order now on Kickstarter

Remember Volagi and their “Long Bow Flex Stay” carbon fiber Liscio bicycle? They’ve created a steel version called the Viaje that you can pre-order now via Kickstarter.

Volagi: Now in Steel

Remember those Silicon Valley bicycle upstarts who got sued by Specialized in San Jose? They have “the will to go” and you can test ride their bikes at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey this weekend.