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Odds and ends

Freakonomics: What do women want. MAKE: DIY bike repair stand. Kanye West likes this $9,000 Grace eBike. How to shoot mountain bike photos. MAKEZine’s Alex Rider Dream Gadget Contest started earlier this week. Cannondale is hiring. GC’s guide to winter cycling in Chicago. Streetsblog: Blaming the pedestrian. Again.. A blog focused solely on the Chinese read more »

Odds and ends

I’ve been biking to work since the 80s, and I have bike parts laying around all over the place. Sitting on my desk at work I have a 1986 Shimano 105 brake lever waiting to be put to use somewhere. Likewise, I have an inbox of bikey links to share, some older than others. Enjoy! read more »

Sea Otter Stories: Fear And Loathing In Laguna Seca

Cain Ramirez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cowgirl Bike Courier. He has been designated by Cyclelicious as part of the less-than-one percent of transportation cyclists that identify as “Strong & Fearless”. It started off as a joke. Rich had just posted a press release for the Sea Otter Classic on Twitter. In it was mention of read more »

Bicycle risks and safety

Raise The Hammer in Canada posts a good article about the safety of bicycling relative to the risks of other common activities such as driving and walking. The author, Ryan McGreal, uses real numbers and everything! The fatality rate for every million hours spent cycling is 0.26, compared to 0.47 per million driving hours (on-road read more »

Post holiday post

Happy Monday, and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. A couple of odds and ends you might have missed over the long weekend. Caltrain to have GPS driven real time delay info. Caltrain says they will equip their trains with GPS transponders and provide real time arrival & delay information read more »

CycleAware Stow Away backpack

The new Stow Away backpack from CycleAware is a simple mesh bag perfect for carrying small, lightweight objects such as jackets, arm warmers, and small odds and ends like wallets. The mesh minimizes weight and sweat, while a reflective panel on the back improves visibility. In this video, Lee of Cycle Aware describes the benefits read more »