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George Orwell on traffic safety, 1946

In November, 1943, George Orwell joined the staff of Tribute magazine as literary editor, where he contributed a a series of columns under the title “As I Please.” For the November 8, 1946 edition, he tackled American fashion magazines (“The magazine consists entirely of pictures of ball dresses, mink coats, step-ins, panties, brassieres, silk stockings read more »

Compile and run

Random geek amusement for this Hump Day. Copy and paste the below as a single line into a file, and compile with a C compiler. Ignore the warnings. It’s a classic “quine” program from decades back, and it still works with the gcc 4.1.2 compiler in my modern Linux distro. YMMV. The fun part is read more »

Tour of Oman:

The small Arab nation of Oman emerged relatively undamaged from the banking disaster that impacted several of their neighboring states. They hope to diversify their economy their economy as oil revenues drop by promoting tourism and high visibility events like their first ever Tour of Oman.

Hump Day Bicycle News

Huff: Facebook foils bicycle thief. Video: Inside look at the bike builder’s shop. Kos: Bike Ride A Day comment: When I was going into the 9th grade, I asked my Mom to get me excused from P.E. on account of my asthma. My asthma really wasn’t severe, but my adolescent angst was, and I just read more »


Thanks for the comments regarding my grandfather, all, including those that were sent privately. This is hitting me a little harder than I expected, to be honest. We weren’t super close, but I loved the old man as did everybody around him. Freddie Rodriguez (Rock Racing) @ Ronde van Brisbeen 2008. Photo ©2008 Ken Conley. read more »

Notes on Nina (not a ballerina…)

High tech, young, pretty, low footprint and green I profiled local bike commuter Nina Simon today on Commute By Bike. I first noticed Nina a couple of months ago as she rode into town from the woods and past my home to the bus stop. She always wears a bright yellow vest with red LED read more »