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Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle

Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle.

Electric skateboard regulation for California

The state of California currently prohibits electric skateboards from all public roads and sidewalks. California AB-604 modifies the California vehicle code to legalize and regulate operation of electric skateboards in the Golden State.

Hong Kong Bike Party

A performer rides a cycle rickshaw shaped as a dragon during during the celebrations of the Chinese Lunar New ‘Year of the Sheep’ in Hong Kong on February 19, 2015. View image |

California legislation: Mandatory helmets and high viz apparel

California Senator Carol Liu of Glendale yesterday introduced SB 192 AKA the “Remove Cyclists From California Roads Law of 2015″ or, alternatively, the “Harass Minorities On Bikes Law of 2015.” Her legislation, if passed, will require helmets for all bicycle riders of all ages, and high visibility safety apparel after dark.

Salinas cyclist intentionally doored

Here’s a curious case. I saw this dispatch from Davis Road at Post Drive in Salinas, California. Location: N Davis Rd / Post Dr, MONTEREY COUNTY – Feb 2 2015 3:59AM 20002-Hit and Run No Injuries — Feb 2 2015 4:00AM VEH VS BICYCLIST — Feb 2 2015 4:03AM TRUCK DROVE INTO BICYCLIST LANE AND read more »

What’s wrong with this picture?

Today’s top selling “Women’s Cycling Vest” on is … a t-shirt.