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Santa Cruz traffic safety group moving to Vision Zero

The Santa Cruz County Community Traffic Safety Coalition (CTSC) recently voted to work towards a Vision Zero policy.

#waroncars in Indian music video

This video clip from a Telegu language movie features an oblivious scofflaw cyclist wreaking traffic mayhem in Hyderabad, India. Watch and enjoy!

Sacramento: North American Handmade Bicycle Show coming Real Soon Now

Reminder: The 2016 North American Handmade Bicycle Show takes place February 26 – 28 at the Sacramento Convention Center. I’ll be there either Friday or Saturday (or maybe both days), mostly covering Santa Cruz framebuilders but I’ll check everybody out. If you like bikes and people associated with bikes, I recommend attending if you can. read more »

Camp Pendleton bike access registration now live

For those who need access across US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for travel between Orange County and San Diego County California, online registration is now open. Registration and a U.S. state-issued ID will be required for non-military personnel who bike through Camp Pendleton beginning March 1. Caltrans District 11 also announced I-5 shoulders are read more »

Missouri bill: No stop for right on red

First 15 foot flags, and now this: Missouri Representative Bart Korman wants to eliminate the requirement to stop before making a right turn on red, and allow motorists to roll through a red light without stopping first.

Chip on our shoulders?

This statement regarding cyclists and autonomous cars from the chief exec of Renault and Nissan is making the rounds in the cycling media this week: “One of the biggest problems is people with bicycles,” said Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn [rhymes with “loan”]. “They don’t respect any rules usually. The car is confused by them because read more »