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On Wool

In my post on cycling apparel the other day, I completely neglected any mention of wool! Thank you to those leaving comments to correct my oversight. Freewheeling spirit posted his thoughts on wool and included this gem from the 1992 Bridgestone catalog. As many of you know, Grant Petersen was USA director of marketing for read more »

Free socks from SmartWool

As part of the product launch for their new “PhD” socks, SmartWool will have launch parties in several cities across the United States where they will GIVE AWAY a FREE PAIR OF THEIR NEW PhD SOCKS to anybody who shows up until their socks run out.

Woolley wins

You might remember San Diego cyclist Andrew Woolley, who received a ticket for failing to stay far to the right when he split the lane through heavy traffic. The traffic court judge upheld the ticket. Woolley appealed the conviction and the appellate court filed a brief acknowledging Woolley didn’t violate CVC 21202, which is California’s read more »

The People vs Andrew Woolley

I present to you the case of cyclist Andrew Woolley, which has been appearing on the various California bicycling listserves and other discussion forums. Andrew Woolley was cycling west through congested traffic on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego last March, splitting the lane to pass traffic because he was cycling faster than the speed read more »

Remove stink from your bicycle jersey

Like I do every year as summer ends, I’ve been mulling the question of stinky bicycle jerseys. How do you remove the stink? Why do my jerseys and shirts come out of the wash smelling clean, but then after I start wearing it the funk is quickly reactivated? Bike Commuters recently addressed this question and read more »

Biking through Little Italy with San Jose Bike Train

For those in the USA, I hope you enjoyed the Labor Day holiday. Remember, San Jose Bike Train runs the first and third Wednesday of every month, which means we leave 8 AM tomorrow morning from Diridon Station. We meet by the Amtrak bus shelter. Read through the smattering of bike news below to learn read more »